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City-wide Inclusive Sanitation: Why It Is Pathway To Scaling Sustainable And Safe Sanitation Systems

March 17th, 2023|

Implementation of CWIS practices in Trichy has resulted in sanitation services reaching the most marginalised and vulnerable communities

Untouchability To Lack Of Security And Safety: Bhopal Sanitation Workers Voice Concerns

March 17th, 2023|

"I was studying in Class 5, and I saw my father struggling with family expenses. I decided to support my father and family and thus became a waste-picker," said Asha Paul, a waste-picker, during the event ‘We speak too by Sanitation Workers’ in Bhopal recently.

Sanitation Workers’ Safety Must be Prioritised

October 10th, 2022|

In a tragic incident on October 5, four sanitation workers died allegedly after inhaling toxic gasses while working in a 10-foot-deep underground sewer in Faridabad, Haryana. They had no safety gear on. Despite repeated guidelines issued by the government, there have been several fatal accidents involving sanitation workers, especially desludging workers.

Some Consider Me Untouchable & Mock Me’: Sanitation Workers Share Stories Of Apathy And Discrimination

October 4th, 2022|

The sanitation workers and waste collectors of Mumbai play a key role in keeping the maximum city clean and hygienic. But the role that these workers have been playing for decades to keep the financial capital moving is seldom acknowledged.