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Scope of the Programme

TNUSSP provides support to GoTN, for requisite policies, regulations, and financing; infrastructure design and technology; quality assurance; capacity building and behaviour change communications.

TNUSSP is currently working in two urban locations to test and demonstrate approaches, build credibility for innovations, and understand on-the-ground challenges. The team works with urban local bodies, private informal sector and diverse urban communities including the urban poor, women SHGs, and sanitation workers. The selected cities are representative of the urbanisation pattern of Tamil Nadu:

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City Wide Inclusive Sanitation

Trichy city has been selected by the BMGF as one of eight cities globally for a Citywide Inclusive Sanitation (CWIS) Programme. It rests on four main pillars:

  • Prioritise the human right of citizens to sanitation—equitable and accessible for all
  • Deliver safe management of human waste along the whole sanitation service chain, from the toilet to safe treatment and reuse
  • Integrate sanitation in urban planning and renewal, providing liveable and sanitary environments
  • Commit to working in formal and informal partnerships to deliver CWIS

In Trichy City, we are working working towards demonstrating improvements along the full cycle of sanitation through innovative solutions that deliver safe management of human waste. The programme engages multiple stakeholders, with a focus on addressing the sanitation needs of the urban poor, the vulnerable, and women and girls. This includes improving the living and working conditions of sanitation workers, as well as mainstreaming gender intentional sanitation in the city.

The programme seeks to sustain interventions by strengthening governance and accountability for delivering inclusive sanitation services.

It involves strengthening operational mechanisms for inclusive sanitation within Trichy City Corporation as well as fostering greater citizen engagement.

A key aim is to develop Trichy as a knowledge hub for citywide and inclusive sanitation, by building partnerships with local institutions that disseminate knowledge and function as resource centres.

Guided by Trichy City Corporation, the Programme is being delivered by a consortium of partners (Gramalaya, PDI, YUGAA, Bharathidasan University and Hasiru Dala) led by IIHS.