The Community Reporters

Community Reporters is a community-centred initiative that equips community members from urban settlements with the tools to tell the stories. Stories that the Community Reporters want the world to see, hear and read. Stories around issues of local importance. IIHS lead TNUSSP conducts workshops and mentors local community members in simple film techniques and visual methodology, equipping them with the skills to become audio-visual producers and knowledge creators who bring their own unique perspectives and insights to bear upon issues that affect them and their respective communities. Stories created by the community reporters become triggers for discussion and debate within the community itself, as well as to a wider virtual audience. This initiative is a platform for Community Reporters to express stories of their lives, culture and contexts…stories that would be otherwise invisible or non-newsworthy in the mainstream. All this, through the simple yet powerful device of a smartphone.

Stories they want told.
Stories that can make change happen.

IIHS lead TNUSSP only provides training and mentorship for Community Reporters with the right tools, methods, and skills to tell stories that matter to them. It is the Community Reporters who choose what stories they want to tell the world. They hold the voices, and they tell the stories.

Photo Stories

While the video stories highlights the issues of urban sanitation, photo stories by the Community Reporters feature ground reports of important happenings in the communities.

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