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Trichy: City Wide Inclusive Sanitation (CWIS) has upgraded the facilities at Khajamalai decanting station where septic tank cleaners from various parts of the city used to dump faecal waste for safe disposal.

As the spillage of faecal waste at the decanting station was letting out a foul smell in the vicinity, the project authorities said that the concrete platforms around the collector well and better drainage facilities will get rid of the unhygienic condition that prevailed in the facility. Trichy corporation has converted three UGD pumping stations in the city at Khajamalai, Vayalur road and Pookollai into decanting station to dump faecal waste collected by septic tank cleaners. Around 60 to 70 desludging operators utilise the facility by paying Rs 30 per trip.

Among the three decanting stations, the one at Khajamalai was identified as the busiest. It pumps faecal waste to Panchapur sewage treatment plant (STP) where the septage is processed and disposed of. Trichy was selected as one of the four Indian towns or cities under CWIS project for developing the sanitary infrastructure through international support in February.

It was in this context that the project authorities came forward to develop the Khajamalai decanting station’s infrastructure a couple of months ago.