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Reuse & Disposal

The primary goal of the septage management and treatment process is to ensure that the end products, treated water and bio-solids are safe for reuse. Since the quantity of treated water generated at FSTPs is small (few thousand litres a day compared to STPs which is around few million litres a day), options for its safe reuse within FSTP premise have been developed. This includes utilizing the treated water for landscaping and growing plant saplings for sale as demonstrated at Periyanaicken-palayam and Karunguzhi FSTPs, respectively. Co-composting of bio-solids with organic municipal solid waste is also being explored at FSTPs for enriching the quality for use as manure and ensuring pathogen reduction.

To establish scalable, sustainable, and replicable models for safe reuse of treated products, TNUSSP has been assessing demand and acceptability of the treated products among farmers and industries. The potential for enabling Self Help Groups to operate the plant is also being explored.

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