IIHS-led TNUSSP observed World Water Day 2024 with a two-part digital campaign. A promotional ad of a comic strip, “Meena’s Story of Change,” was circulated to raise awareness of the effect of improper sanitation on public health. 

The comic strip documents a past World Water Day intervention conducted in a Town Panchayat by TNUSSP where residents were roped in to test the drinking water and see first-hand the faecal-oral contamination prevalent in the community. The Town Panchayat dwellers were educated on the various household water treatment methods available to eliminate contamination and ensure clean drinking water. 

TNUSSP also hosted a quiz on Twitter and Instagram on the year’s WWD theme, #WaterForPeace. The quiz included questions on transboundary waters, cooperation agreements, the International Decade for Action, “Water for Sustainable Development” etc. You can take the quiz on TNUSSP’s social platform here.