The ILO Technical Consultation Workshop on Promoting Decent Work for Sanitation Workers in India took place from 30th November to 1st December in Delhi. It aimed to assess the progress made and address emerging challenges since the implementation of PEMSR 2013.

Various government departments, including MoHUA and MoSJE, and parastatal agencies like NSCK and NSKFDC, along with representatives from workers unions and development partners, actively participated in the workshop. The diverse collaboration fostered a comprehensive discussion on crucial aspects.

IIHS showcased its significant involvement in enhancing the occupational safety and well-being of sanitation workers in Trichy, Tamil Nadu. The presentation primarily focused on empowering Urban Local Bodies (ULB) to strengthen the urban sanitation ecosystem. This involved measures such as licensing private service providers, developing safely managed procedures for emptying and transporting fecal sludge, and incorporating safety tools to minimise occupational hazards.

The insightful presentation spurred discussions on reducing toxic gas exposure and facilitating ULBs to establish productive partnerships with existing private service providers in communities. Among the attending development partners, IIHS’s initiatives closely aligned with the ILO protocol, emphasizing the Hierarchy of Controls, among other factors.

After the workshop, IIHS has proactively initiated discussions with the ILO to foster closer collaboration. The focus remains on addressing issues related to the well-being of sanitation workers, with a particular emphasis on mitigating occupational hazards. This sets the stage for a promising partnership aimed at promoting a safer and more dignified working environment for sanitation workers.