Capacity Building is an important and crucial aspect of delivering FSM at scale. In this regard, TNUSSP has been working with different cadres of officers including state and nodal officers, and ULB officers (including engineering and public health departments).
The capacity building programme is planned to cover the entire FSM chain. The programme was planned to be delivered through classroom sessions and exposure visits, followed by intense roving support. However, given the pandemic, we are piloting a digital blended learning method through which officers receive a blended learning experience – through webinars and digital modules. The digital blended learning method also allows learners to engage with the materials at their own pace. The main objective of Capacity Building is to ensure that FSM is operationalised and this can be seen through the FSTP construction across the State. ULB engineers were trained on the construction, operation & maintenance of FSTP, and roving support is being provided to all the ULBs to enable them to complete construction effectively. Assessments of training programmes conducted to date, can be found here.