A State Investment Plan (SIP) that estimates the investment required by the GoTN to ensure full coverage of sanitation through a mix of networked and non-networked systems was prepared. It covered 663 ULBs in a phased manner by supplementing existing treatment facilities through co-treatment and construction of new FSTPs. The following are the details of ULBs covered in different phases:

  • Phase-I & Phase-II: Enabling co-treatment in existing and upcoming Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) respectively. Phase I and II together covers 155 ULBs.
  • Phase-III: Utilising space available in the Solid Waste Management Sites in Municipalities for Construction of New FSTPs. Phase III covers 110 ULBs.
  • Phase-IV: Utilising space available in the Resource Recovery Parks in Town Panchayats for construction of New FSTPs. Phase IV will cover 111 ULBs.
  • Phase-V: Treatment facilities catering to standalone towns/cities (not covered in clusters). Phase V will cover 287 ULBs.

The SIP can be accessed here.