While it is important to desludge periodically, given the non-standard nature, dimensions and conditions of containment systems, implementing a scheduled desludging model can be quite complex. More importantly, Tamil Nadu has a robust demand-based desludging market led by private players. Therefore, the primary objective of the Government was to ensure safe disposal through minimal regulation of the desludging market, thereby minimising disruption and protecting existing businesses and livelihoods. The approach also promotes the usage of treatment facilities by reducing the financial burden on private operators.

However, alternate approaches are being explored for other customer segments. For example, scheduled/periodic desludging is being explored for Bulk Waste Generators such as community/public toilets.

Scheduled desludging is not a requirement for the success of FSM, but it is important to ensure that desludging operators are safely disposing collected waste in designated treatment facilities. Therefore, currently, the focus is on regulated desludging. More details on systems and procedures for urban sanitation in Tamil Nadu can be found here