TIDE Technocrats

Rajkiran Chithari Amaravathi

Rajkiran Chithari Amaravathi is an engineering expert for thermal fecal sludge treatment plants at Tide Technocrats. A Manufacturing Engineer by profession, and with a passion towards developmental research, he has been an integral part of the set-up of the country’s first three thermal FSTPs and currently working on their scaling-up. He managed manufacturing and production engineering in PNP FSTP implementation.

N. Sampath Kumar

N. Sampath Kumar is the Managing Director of Tide Technocrats Private Limited. He holds an MBA from IRMA, Anand, and a Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering from Osmania University. He has over 30 years of experience of working across the sectors of waste management, sanitation, and renewable energy. He led the team responsible for designing and construction of FSTP at PNP Town Panchayat.