Hand in Hand

Putheri Babu K.Y.

Putheri Babu K.Y., is the General Manager at the Solid Waste Management Division of Hand In Hand India. He has a decade of experience working with various international specialised organisations including UN Agencies such UNICEF and UNHCR. He actively works with Karunguzhi Town panchayat and Madhuranthagam Municipality to implement IIHS-FSM project deliverables. He also provides technical inputs to the team and helps conduct meetings with the working committee, SHGs, etc.

Hasiru Dala

Hasiru Dala, which means Green Force, is a social impact organisation that works with waste pickers and other waste workers to ensure a life with dignity. IIHS partnered with Hasiru Dala to help sanitation workers in Coimbatore and Trichy to gain financial inclusion by identifying and applying for different government schemes available to all poor of the state.